Firmly rooted in the world of high technology since 1997, MONTEC accompanies the dynamics of large and medium-sized industrial and aeronautic companies.

All over Europe, MONTEC has developped concepts of economic output tailored to the needs of emerging markets, confirmed its reputation as a specialist in the most sensitive fields: assembly, disassembly, machine transfers, mechanical maintenance, industrial and food piping .


The relevance of its multi-disciplinary advice the efficient and speedy mobilization of highly skilled teams and the quality of its emergency or planned response have contributed to make it a unique trustful and successful partner.




  • Food industry (drink, frozen food)
  • Car, aeronautical and chemical industry
  • Glas and paper industry
  • Mining and steel industry
  • Mechanical engineering

1200 square meters shelter a unit of piping and metal work. Works of welding, assembly and maintenance.
By navigating in a universe of value-added technology, Montec brings various solutions of all sorts, from the study of projects and specifications up to the final result.

With their complementary professions, MONTEC men and women share an innovative team spirit.

From  its workshops to the industrial sites, MONTEC ensures an optimal follow-up and brings adequate answers in terms of economic  production.

MONTEC knows how to anticipate and accompany the evolutions of his customers.

Since 2006, Montec has opened an office in Toulouse in the South of France, to get closer to his customers .