Concerning production lines or stand alone machines, our teams are able to handle industrial transfers, including dismantling, transporting, lifting and reassembling on the new site.

Able to face up the problems of each specific mission, most of our technicians are also specially trained on different equipments like presses in the car industry as well as conditionning or bottle filling installations in the food industry.



All our mechanics and technicians are individually equipped with a complete and latest generation range of tools adapted to your needs.

Assembly of a rubble processing unit, tunnel construction site of the subway "Grand Paris"

Assembly of a LIEBHERR concrete plant in Le Mans

Assembly of two skids in our workshop of SAINT-AVOLD, prefabrication and assembly of tubes,and faucets.
Mechanical assembly of engines.


Helicopter EC135

Assembly Super Puma

The assembly work realized by MONTEC can take various forms.

For example, the construction site of EUROCOPTER factory inDannauwörth (Germany) where MONTEC realized the prefabrication and assembly of electric bundles intended for helicopters.



Works of manufacturing and assembly of equipments for tyre factories.

Assembly of a line of press API


Prefabrication and assembly of heating systems(hydraulic and pneumatic tubes and faucet) in our St Avold's workshop, for various sites.

At the opening of KÖMMERLING factory located in Tianjin (China), MONTEC was entrusted numerous works of design and assembly in France and on site at the same moment, as following :

In France:

- Prefabrication of all the tubes of utilities.

In China:

- Assembly of all the tubes.
- Assembly of production lines ( extruders )


Assembly of a production line of plastic film, including electrical connecting.